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Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems


Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Intelligent Addressable Systems offer benefits in terms of speed of detection, identification of the location of fire and easier maintenance. Intelligent systems also offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, high tolerance to dust, dirt, temperature fluctuations and air currents, Detector should have unique address for communication which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 or more devices to the system, allowing cost savings in the wiring of large systems.






Conventional Fire Alarm System:

Conventional Fire Alarm System provides the earliest practicable fire detection and warning. This system consists of smoke or heat detectors at designated locations, to detect smoke or heat at the earliest during any outbreak of fire.



The Hybrid Fire Alarm System combines the capabilities of both Intelligent Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm System.

We design Fire Hydrant, sprinkler & Fire Alarm System as per TAC, NBC, and Indian, OISD and NFPA Standards / guideline.

Almost all part of the premises shall be covered by such system. Our designed system is not only comply the national and international norms/ guideline but also considered the exact requirement to minimize the cost at same time, increase the effectiveness of system for maximum gains.